Our Story

A Little About Why We Started Trust Technology

We have been in the copier repair business for 16 years now. I started my career path straight out of high school and did not think about where this career would take me. I had some formal training directly from the manufactures that I represent and a lot of practical experience with on-site trail and error. I worked for a couple of small companies from 1998 to 2009. It was during this thime that it was suggested to me that I should start my own business. It was a risk decision but after I was let go in 2009 from my job and it was then I had to make a decision to live the American dream of owning my own business or searching the job market in finding something that I may not be happy with.

I decided to take a shot of living the American dream and owning my own business. While the first year was very tough. Our business steadily has grown every year and is been the best decision I have made. I am excited to work with other IT professionals/ companies and expanding our resources/offerings into other aspects of office technology including but not limited to asset recovery, supplies, sales, service and recycling. I feel it's important to have strong relations with all the local companies here in Rochester New York, so if interested in weaving your talent into our IT offerings, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I decided on the name Trust Technology because I wanted to incorporate all aspects of technology in the office. One name, one phone number, and let " Trust Technology get to work for you!"

Thank you for reading about me and my company and look forward to serving the Rochester, NY community!